Importance of Pretreatment

Biomass always requires a type of sizing and drying to become usableBiomass is a difficult energy source with many logistical challenges from harvesting, handling, shipping, to storage, feeding and combustion.  Biomass comes in many forms, shapes, sizes and is almost all wet and bulky to handle.  Conversion into a commodity, renewable, sustainable product which is fungible and economically transportable in large quantities is our goal!


Torrefaction Advantages

Torrefaction transforms biomass into an easily usable fuelBiomass pretreatment by means of our patented torrefaction technology converts most any type of biomass into a renewable, sustainable, carbon neutral coal substitute – GreenCoal™ torrefied biomass.   When used in electrical generation facilities this product reduce NOx, SOx, and CO2 emissions and allows the facility to meet RPS standards without the need for capital investment.

Torrefaction Technology

Torrefaction is a thermo chemical process Operating at temperatures between 250 and 300 degrees C. in an oxygen deficient environment, our patented torrefaction technology radically transforms the biomass by removing water and various volatile organic compounds (VOC) while dramatically increasing the fuel’s heat content and bulk density.  The fuel’s performance characteristics include improved grind ability and it has become hydrophobic.

Markets for Torrefied Biomass

Electrical, Home, and Industrial MarketsThere exist three general markets for GreenCoaltm torrefied biomass.  These are the electrical generation market, the home heating market, and the industrial market.   In the electrical and industrial market the product can be used to directly displace coal or used in co-firing situations w/o the need for capital investment.  In the home heating market the product can be used instead of wood pellets.


Green Jobs, Economic Growth

We can help you determine if torrefaction would work for you!If you have access to biomass, just about any kind, we can help you determine if torrefaction could work for you. Contact us, we will provide a brief questionnaire and help you begin the process of determining if a torrefaction facility would be viable.


Why torrified biomass?

Why include Torrefied Biomass in your fuel mix? All companies and individual facilities which release 25,000 tons or more per year of carbon dioxide into the environment are being required by the EPA to report their Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. In addition, electric generation companies are facing increasingly stringent requirements that create and/or increase the percentages of ... Read more

Welcome to GreenCoal™

GreenCoal™ is a sustainable, renewable carbon neutral solid fuel produced by the torrefaction technology of Terra Green Energy, LLC Torrefied biomass has undergone a thermo chemical treatment in which it is roasted via a light pyrolysis process, removing most of its moisture and volatile compounds leaving a final product which is solid with many of the same handling and combustion characteristics as coal without coal’s negative aspects. GreenCoal™ contains no mercury, very little sulfur and produces no new carbon dioxide making it extremely environmentally friendly. The torrefied biomass product retains ... Read more